High Quality Artificial Grass in UK

Are you tired of daily mowing and watering? Not to worry at all. It’s time to install fake grass in your garden. Artificial grass is what you need for your indoors & outdoors. 

The Artificial Grass Company UK presents the most innovative fake turf products. We provide you with a perfect and beautiful solution to enjoy your garden. We have gathered all the main things that you must know about high-quality artificial grass. Keep reading!

High Quality Artificial Grass Supplier in UK

Buying a high quality product is everyone’s priority and when you talk about grass for your garden, balcony, patio, or rooftop, artificial grass is what you need. 

1. Low maintenance 

Artificial turf is low maintenance because of its multiple features. It does not require regular mowing, weeding, or watering.

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2. Durable

Fake turf is durable, and can withstand high wear & tear. It can bear extreme weather conditions as well.

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3. Long-lasting

As it is made from high quality nylon, polypropylene & polyethylene, it is long-lasting. It has drainage holes so it can't be damaged by water (rainwater). It can last up to 15 years when installed properly.

4. Heavy traffic

High-quality artificial grass can withstand heavy traffic. So don’t worry about having a large number of guests for a party or event. 

5. Affordable

Artificial turf is affordable. The first cost of fake turf may be high but it saves you a lot of money while maintaining it for years. 

6. Best for kids & pets

Artificial grass is an ideal option for kids and pets. It is made free from cadmium and lead. 

7. Easy to clean

Synthetic grass is easy to clean. For cleaning you just need to rinse it with running water and it is good to go. 

8. Non-toxic & non-allergic

It does not require any pesticides or insecticides nor does it cause any kind of allergy. 

9. Realistic & lush look 

Artificial grass gives a real feel. It looks realistic and makes your area look lush and green.

10. Easy to install

Fake turf is easy to install. You can also do it yourself (DIY).