Guide to Install Artificial Grass on Concrete

Looking to transform old, ugly, and tired concrete paths and slabs? You are at the right place. In this article, you will find an easy guide to install artificial grass on concrete. How to install fake turf on concrete? Keep reading!

Guide to Install Artificial Grass on Concrete

Artificial grass can change concrete floors and patios into a beautiful and lush green area. But the opposite might also happen. It will make your garden area look lumpy and waterlogged if fake grass is not installed properly. So, be very careful about the installation.

Step # 1 Gather the required Equipment

The first step is to collect the required equipment that you need for the installation of astroturf. These are:

  • Hammer drill 
  • Artificial grass joining tape
  • Underlay
  • Adhesives and pins
  • Kiln sand
  • Stiff and power brush
  • Cutting knife

Step # 2 Prepare the Surface

The second step of the easy guide about how to install synthetic turf on concrete is to prepare the surface. Make sure to clean any dirt, sand, or gravel to have a smooth surface for grass and underlay. Otherwise, it will look bumpy.

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Step # 3 Check the Drainage 

This is a very important step, make sure to check the existing drainage of your concrete path. The pathway to be covered with fake grass needs to be drained properly. It should have a slight fall/dip, if not then use a hammer drill in a poorly drained area. Now your concrete area is ready for the grass layer. You can use an underlay but it is optional.

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Step # 4 Measure & Lay Artificial Grass

Now, it’s time to measure the required size of grass you need and lay it properly. You can use a knife to properly cut the grass section needed. After laying the grass, secure the joint using glue or adhesive. Remember not to use too many adhesives as it prevents the water from draining and can cause you a water-logging issue. 

Step # 5 Add Sand and Brush

The last step of the easy guide to install artificial grass on concrete is when your artificial turf is fully dry, make sure to spread the sand evenly and brush the grass to keep the fibers upright. The sand will help to pin the grass to the floor.