Can you put a rotary line in artificial grass?

Artificial grass has become a popular choice, and there are plenty of reasons for it. Artificial grass is maintenance-free and saves you a lot of money when installed in your garden. That said, people still have so many questions in their minds when they talk about artificial grass. One of the most common questions is, can you put a rotary line in artificial grass?

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A rotary line is a perfect solution if you have a small garden and want to dry your clothes outside but don't want it to look like an eyesore. They're ideal for people with limited space who don't enjoy their garden.

Can you put a rotary line on Artificial Grass?

A rotary washing line is valuable to your garden if you have little space to dry your clothes outdoors. It saves space, so it's convenient and easy to install.

However, installing one of these washing lines on artificial grass can be difficult and cause damage to the grass if not done correctly.

If you use a rotary line base plate, ensure it is level with the ground. If your garden is close to a wall or fence, ensure enough clearance between these structures and the washing line so that water doesn't get trapped under them and cause damage.

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This job would be easier if you followed our instructions and positioned the base plate to expose part of it.

Once the base plate is installed, it's essential to ensure that part of it is exposed. If a rotary line does not cut your artificial grass and you don't want to remove all of your lawn every time you want to use this product, then consider buying some "base plates". (you can buy them from any hardware store).

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