Can you lay artificial grass on slabs?

The perennial question: Can you lay artificial grass on slabs? The answer is yes. But how might you do that? The first thing that you will need is to prepare your surface. Laying artificial grass on slabs is much more straightforward than doing so on other surfaces of your garden.

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This blog will explain to you how to lay artificial grass on slabs. Let's get started.

Can you lay artificial grass on slabs?

To lay artificial grass on a slab, you will need to:

  • Firstly, you need to prepare the surface. If you have a new slab base, then you will need to get rid of any dust or debris which may be present. It is also important that no potholes or cracks may show through the artificial grass. Ideally, you want the surface of your concrete to have a clean and smooth finish. It is this surface that the artificial grass will sit upon.
  • The second part involves creating a base using either a Weed Membrane or a layer of sand on top of the slab base. It helps that no weeds or debris will grow through the artificial grass.
When laying artificial grass on slabs, remember a few things:
  1. Make sure you lay the grass correctly. You'll ensure it's facing the right direction and that it's not too thick or too thin across the slab.
  2. When laying down synthetic grass. It should be attached securely to the slab and have no gaps between the surface of the grass and the underside of the slab. If there are gaps, they could lead to mould growth or other problems down the line!

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Follow these steps, and you won't encounter any significant problems when laying artificial grass on slabs. If you want to find out more about Can you lay artificial grass on slabs or need any other advice, please don't hesitate to contact us on our Email: or Tel: 0121 568 8808