Can Artificial Grass Burn?

One of the most common questions we get around here is, "Can Artificial Grass Burn?" The short answer is, No! It's important to note that your artificial grass should not burn or melt. However, if it does change colour in the presence of extreme heat sources such as an open flame (e.g., fire pit) or burning embers, this is normal, and the product is still safe to use.

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If you use an open flame, safely away from trees and buildings with no sparks flying around. Burning embers are also not recommended because they can cause damage to your artificial grass if they land on it!

Can artificial grass burn

Artificial grass is made from different types of plastic polymers. There is nothing that will burn it. However, keeping your grill or fire pit away from the artificial grass and ensuring it stays away from the wind should be safe. However, hot coals can cause the plastic of the artificial grass to melt.

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Hot ashes from cigarettes and sparks from fireworks can also damage your artificial grass. In some cases, highly-focused sunlight reflected from a window can also cause a burn. Damage is usually confined to the tiny spot where the spark or ember landed, but the grass's connecting threads can radiate heat and melt fibres farther outward.

Artificial grass is flame retardant and will not catch fire or melt in an open flame.

You can expose artificial grass to extreme heat sources such as an open flame (e.g., a fire pit) or burning embers. The hot air from these sources may cause the product to change colour (i.e., it may turn red). But this does not indicate that there has been any damage done to the surface material itself.


Artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass. It's easy to install, maintenance-free and won't grow back if you remove it. But if you choose artificial grass for your garden, don't worry about the fire hazard. Because it won't burn or melt in an open flame. If you have any queries about  "Can Artificial Grass Burn?"  feel free to contact us at 0121 568 8808