Can Artificial Grass Be Laid on a Slope?

Most asked questions Can artificial grass be laid on a slope? The short answer is yes, you can lay artificial grass on a slope. Aside from a few different fixing spots at the top of the slope, installation is similar to laying artificial grass on a flat surface. But we will need to learn more about your project before proceeding.

Can artificial grass be laid on a slope?

Step 1# Before laying out artificial turf on a sloped garden, you first need to prepare the area by removing the top layer of dirt, grass, and any large rocks or stones that can make the ground uneven.

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Step 2# You must install a timber framework at the top of the slope and around the sloped area. That will provide a timber edging that the artificial grass can be nailed to so that it won't slide down or move around due to activity after it has been installed.

Step 3# Cover the exposed dirt with a layer, substrate, or sand. It will help to encourage draining through the artificial grass. It prevents water from either pooling on the bottom of the slope or collecting on the surface.

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After distributing an even layer over the area, place a weed membrane on top. That will help to prevent weeds from growing in your new artificial garden, so it continues to look good.

Step 4# Once you have completed installing the artificial lawn and are satisfied with the results, you now need to add in some sand infill. That will help to weigh down the artificial grass and help to encourage the blades to stand upright. After distributing the sand across the artificial garden, use a stiff bristle brush to give the artificial garden a good brush.

The biggest thing to remember is if you have any questions about Can artificial grass be laid on a slope. Please feel free to ask. We're always happy to discuss options with clients before starting work. If all else fails, give us a call.