Best Way to Cut Artificial Grass Perfectly

Artificial grass is attractive, safe, and versatile, so it is often used for landscaping and decorating residential and commercial buildings. Installing artificial turf can save time and be a long-term investment, so the best way to cut artificial grass is essential to ensure the lawn is durable and looks suitable for years.

The artificial grass is rolled and packaged at the factory to keep transport and production costs down. However, because paving sites are often complex, with various objects like flower beds, trees, and pavers, we might have to cut the artificial grass around the lawn's edge before installation.

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This blog will advise you on the best way to cut artificial grass. It will help you avoid any mistakes during the cutting of artificial grass. 

Best Way to Cut Artificial Grass Perfectly

There are two main ways to cut artificial grass: 

  1. Use a stanley knife or scissors to cut the grass in straight lines.
  2. Use a saw to create curved or zigzag patterns.
  • The straight cut resizes the roll to fit the paving area. This cut should be done on the back of the roll so that the yarns will not get in the way, making the process easier and the quality better.
  • When synthetic grass cuts in curves, it is common to use the tip of the blade as a guide along with the thing you are cutting to leave only a tiny gap between the item and the grass. 

You are getting prepared for cutting before the installation is vital. The tips below remind you of all the steps you must consider while preparing.


If you want accurate measurements, it's best to measure before you cut the artificial grass. You'll get better results if you plan each piece of artificial grass placement after measuring and cutting down on unnecessary seams as much as possible.


There is no going back if you make any wrong cuts. Hence, please design and plan it well before cutting. The wise option is to map out all the surrounding objectives, such as trees, flowerbeds, pavers, or edging. Another vital part of the planning is how you will arrange the artificial grass pieces across the lawn and where the joins will be.

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In short, cutting is an essential step when installing artificial grass. Please follow the guideline carefully before cutting. It is necessary to be patient and precious during cutting artificial grass; the results will make your work and design stand out.