What's Best Sub Base For Artificial Grass with Dogs?

People prefer to lay the best pet-friendly Artificial grass for dogs and animals in their gardens, balconies, and terrace to have a fresh green lawn. They need a surface that is comfortable for their family and pets. But did you ever think about What's Best Sub Base For Artificial Grass with Dogs?

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Pet-friendly Artificial grass can be used all year round without compromising color or quality. It doesn't need cutting and always looks like natural grass. That's why you should be very careful about the sub-base you choose, which will bring you long-term satisfaction. Keep reading.

What's Best Sub Base For Artificial Grass with Dogs?

We have gathered some meaningful information on why you should select the best sub-base for Artificial grass with dogs.

  • Installing an artificial grass lawn involves removing your grass and preparing the ground before laying the new artificial grass. The best artificial grass sub-bases are granite and gravel for their outstanding drainage capabilities. A limestone is also a wise option, but care is needed when laying to avert clumping, which restricts drainage. Dog owners should avoid concrete, sand, and weed membranes.

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  • You can use crushed granite sub-base in the following areas:
  1. Where they used natural, artificial grass, paving, or shingle previously.
  2. Places that do not require excess leveling
  3. On areas having only small lumps and bumps
  4. On sites that need a build-up or have a depth of 25mm-50mm
  • Grano dust is also widely applied as a sub-base as it's cost-effective and easily accessible in all areas. It is similar to the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems but contains fines. It's slightly slower to drain but better than sand and weed membranes.
  •  A good quality weed membrane should be added on top to prevent weeds from coming through and penetrating your artificial garden. 

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