Best Sand for Artificial Grass

If you have an artificial grass lawn, you must know that choosing the Best Sand for Your Artificial Grass is one of the most important things to do. This blog will discuss some types of sand used for artificial turf and how to use them properly.

How to Choose the Best Sand for Artificial Grass?

What is sand? Sand is the granular material that goes underneath artificial turf. It is important to use sand in turf for a few key reasons:

  • It acts as a ballast to keep the grass weighted down and level.
  • Keeps the grass fibers standing up straight.
  • It improves the resilience of the grass backing by providing another layer of 'cushion'.

There are the following types of sand:


It is the most common type of sand. It is perfect for playgrounds, outdoor spaces and other applications.

Silica sand consists of silicates that have been crushed into powder form. It has low moisture content and spreads quickly on the ground or hard surfaces like concrete.

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It is another infill we recommend for pet owners, specifically in areas with above-average rainfall. ZeoFill naturally helps to control odours and prevent odours from lingering around the lawn. ZeoFill's unique properties control odours and absorb fluids effectively. Homeowners who have pets can quickly rinse the lawn once or twice a month and eliminate any residue.

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Antimicrobial pet sand is a choice of thousands of landscape installations and sports fields. Hence that requires a clean and long-lasting artificial grass lawn infill for children, pets and athletes.

You can select any type from all the above, according to your choice, Because they all are of good quality. But we recommend Silica Sand because of its organic nature. You can use it for artificial grass as an infill because it provides a natural feel similar to soil, making the turf even more comfortable. Choosing the Best Sand for Artificial Grass is an important step, That's why it is necessary to choose very carefully before installing your artificial grass.