Artificial Grass vs Astroturf

Let's face it. We all love the look of natural grass, but in most cases, it's just not practical. Artificial grass is an excellent alternative for those who want natural grass without worrying about maintenance. But what is Astroturf? Is there any difference between artificial grass vs AstroTurf?

Artificial Grass vs Astroturf [Both are Same or Not]

 Most people believe that "artificial turf" and "artificial grass" are the same. However, they are referring to two different types of synthetic grass. Turf describes sports grass. While artificial grass is the more accurate term for landscape grass. Landscape grass is typically longer and fluffier in comparison to sports Grass.

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When astroturf was first invented, there was just one product, which was not very good. It was green but not a shade generally associated with living grass. It had a nappy texture that no one mistook for a natural thing.

What significant difference between artificial grass vs astroturf?

AstroTurf is a brand name for synthetic turf products. We can use this product on sports fields, playgrounds and other places. One significant difference between artificial turf and AstroTurf is that artificial turf is more durable. Artificial grass has a lower density than AstroTurf. We can stretch it more without breaking it. On the other hand, AstroTurf is more shock-absorbent, absorbing more of the impact from a fall or a collision.

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So many things are the same.

Astroturf vs artificial grass has numerous common things. All the things that make them unique with all types of property owners:

  • No water waste or expense
  • No build-in toxins or allergens
  • Virtually no maintenance or associated ongoing expense
  • No harmful residues from chemical applications
  • No need for sports facilities or event venues to repeatedly rip up and replace expensive sod
  • Homeowners can – finally! – reclaim their weekends.