Artificial Grass That Doesn't Get Hot

Artificial grass is becoming a more and more popular choice for lawns, gardens and play areas. But many people are worried that artificial grass will get too hot in the sun. So, artificial grass gets hot? Yes, it can get hot in the sun! Definitely not the most comfortable to walk on! But before you completely rule out this great option for your yard, garden or play area, check out our tips below on choosing the right type of artificial grass that doesn't get hot.

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Artificial Grass That Doesn't Get Hot

Many people are worried that artificial grass will get too hot in the sun.

You should avoid walking on it in the middle of summer; if you do, you may have to wait until late in the day when it's cooler. Some types are not affected by heat as much as others. Some types even keep their colour after being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

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Ways to Keep Your Artificial Lawn Cool
  • Before Installing artificial grass in your lawn, avoid overheating the artificial grass by choosing appropriate materials and including a sub-surface cooling system.
  • Select a light grass colour and a light-coloured infill, which can help to lower the temperature.
  • Don't use rubber infills, as they absorb more heat and transfer the heat much more than non-rubber infills.
  • Use shade cloths to cover the lawn to block the direct sunlight and reduce heat absorption.
  • Install the artificial grass lawn under shady trees. It will provide a comfortable and shaded area for your kids to play in, help keep your lawn protected from the direct rays of the sun, and keep them more relaxed.

These are some tips that you can try to keep your artificial lawn cool. So, if you are looking for artificial grass that doesn't get hot, you should visit our site. We have a wide range of artificial grass that is UV resistant.