Artificial Grass Shapes that You May Need to Know

Choosing the perfect grass for your indoor or outdoor requires a lot of thinking. Fake grass not only gives a real green feel but also benefits us with a lot of factors like low-maintenance, water-saving, cost-effectiveness, and much more. Artificial turf comes in various shapes and sizes, along with different shapes of grass blades. We have gathered all the information for you to find out which artificial grass shape (blade shape) is best for you and why does it matter? Also, find out 4 different blade shapes.

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Artificial Grass Shapes (Blade Shape)

First thing first, why does artificial grass blade shape matter? The blade shape of synthetic turf ensures that you enjoy your grass for years to come, it makes your lawn cooler on hot days, and it helps to hold up against foot traffic. Above all, it makes your grass look natural.

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Let’s have a closer look at 4 different grass blade shapes:

1. Diamond Shape Artificial Grass

Diamond-shaped artificial grass blades create a luxurious and soft feel. It is soft to touch yet can hold up against foot traffic. It is commonly used for front lawns, yards, and areas with medium foot traffic. 

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2. Omega Shape Artificial Grass 

Omega shape is another type of fake turf blade that is known for its durability. You can use it for areas having high foot traffic, like playgrounds, pet spaces, etc. This shape of fake grass blades accommodates regular use without bending. 

3. S-Shape Artificial Grass

S-shaped artificial grass is abundantly used for durability as well as for realistic purposes. It is perfect for landscapes with medium to high traffic. The S-shape of grass blades reflects less sunlight as curves of this shape reduce the flat surface area of the blade. 

4. M Shape Artificial Grass

Lastly, M-shaped artificial grass provides extreme durability, as it spreads the pressure on all the points of grass. Whenever people or pets walk, blades experience even pressure rather than at just one point. This shape of grass blades is best suited for sports fields and athletic facilities. 

Therefore, artificial grass shapes (blade shapes) are worth considering when choosing fake grass for your garden.