Artificial Grass Care Guide | 5 Easy Steps

You’ve just installed fake grass in your garden, no doubt it is vibrant, green, real, and easy to maintain but there are a few things you can do to make it look stunning for many years to come. We’ve put a comprehensive guide together for astroturf care. The ultimate artificial grass care guide consists of 5 easy steps to be followed to keep it looking luscious throughout the year. 

Artificial Grass Care Guide 

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Step # 01 Cleaning Fake Turf 

Cleaning is a key step. It is true that fake grass doesn’t need frequent cleaning as natural grass, but it is better to clean it at least on a weekly basis. You can remove the fallen leaves, especially after the fall season, clean the debris, and wash your artificial turf with water. For animal/pet waste, remove the pet’s waste and use a diluted solution of water and vinegar for removing any unwanted odor.

Step #02 Brush the Fibers

After the grass has been installed, you need to make sure the fibers of your fake lawn remain upright. For this; brush the grass against the grain. You can use a stiff brush or a leaf blower for this.

Step #03 Protect from Heat-Related Items

Protecting your artificial turf from heat-related items is important. The heat can ruin your beautiful grass. It is always recommended to keep any dangerous substances away from artificial turf. Even cigarettes can melt the grass, so avoiding them is the best practice. 

Step # 04 Move Heavy Furniture

If you are using heavy furniture in your garden, it is more likely that it can flatten the grass fibers. Make sure you move your furniture quite often to keep the fibers straight. Be aware of the sharp edges of the furniture, it can also cause artificial grass damage. 

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Step # 05 Weed Membrane

Lastly, a weed membrane is a vital step for an artificial grass care guide. Don’t forget to use a weed membrane while installing the artificial turf. It will prevent the growth of weeds under your lawn.