Artifical Grass Offcuts [The Complete Guide]

We have excellent Artifical Grass Offcuts for every type of use. High quality on the market supplied by cut rolls. Strong filaments with tread recovery and UV treatment to resist the sun. Do you know more reasons to choose our artificial grass offcuts?

Artifical grass offcuts are formed when large rolls of artificial turf are cut near their edge or when a customer changes the dimensions of their order once it has been cut. There is no difference in quality between remnants and regular cuts and even have the same warranty. The only difference is that offcuts are often sold at a reasonable discount.

Artifical Grass Offcuts [The Complete Guide]

In this blog, we have covered all the information for you to make the right decision about Artificial grass offcuts.

What are Artifical Grass Offcuts?

Offcuts, roll ends, and remnants are all ways of saying the same thing. We work directly with manufacturers to ensure the best price for our customers and buy in bulk. When we receive these orders, they arrive in full rolls.

Artificial grass offcuts (remnants) are created when large rolls of synthetic grass are cut near the end or when a customer changes their mind. It is as simple as it is with our refund policy. Unfortunately, we can't reattach the cut to the primary roll - the technology just hasn't caught up yet…

So, this cut becomes an offcut, ready to be offered to another lucky buyer!

Is There Any Difference in Quality?

No. There's no difference in quality when it comes to artificial grass remnants. They even have the same warranty you'd get if you ordered a newly-cut roll.

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We like to think of offcuts as' 'pre-cut rolls' '. They've not discarded pieces of grass that nobody wanted; they're cut to a specified diameter. For some people, this means they can find the turf they want, in sizes that work for them, at a reasonable price.

What to do with your Artificial Grass Offcuts?

We will make perfect use of artificial grass offcuts for you. Go to the list now!

  • Chair covers
  • Cover some space in your garden
  • Beautifying Your Stairways
  • Covering Your Wardrobe And Shoe Racks
  • Consider a Doormat
  • Create a Rug

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