How to Use 5m x 5m Artificial Grass?

With increasing knowledge of the advantages of artificial grass, more people are choosing this option for transforming their residential and commercial landscape; our artificial grass's standard length and width are 2 metres, 4 metres, and 5 metres. But we suggest you choose 5m x 5m artificial grass. 

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Artificial grass has many different shaping options, one of the most well-liked advantages. Artificial grasses are significantly more malleable and maintainable in various shapes, which can be challenging to cut into specific patterns. The best use of 5m x 5m artificial grass is that its installation is simple and quick. It is time-saving and lowers installation costs.

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How to Use 5m x 5m Artificial grass?

5m wide artificial grass is one of the most adjustable widths available. These wider rolls allow for the least number of joins during installation, making them ideal for more extensive gardens and other more significant locations, such as commercial properties. 5m x 5m artificial grass can be used in sports grounds like running tracks. Landscaping, such as garden, backyard, terrace, balcony, roof, interior and exterior decoration, children's play area, pet play area and Commerce such as office, gym, wedding, party, event, exhibition, store decoration, restaurant, supermarket display.

Advantages of 5m wide Artificial grass
  • It requires Low maintenance.
  • No mowing, seeding or watering is required.
  • It is Safe for children.
  • Your Dog loves it
  • It Always looks great
  • It is Durable 
  • Stays green all year round
  • Proper drainage
Merits of artificial grass

The advantages of broader fake grass widths are when you can join rolls. This size has many benefits, especially if you have extra volume. Artificial grass with increased volume is perfect for everyone, whether you have a dog, cat, or any other type of pet at home. Pets adore the artificial grass's softness and fluffiness.