How to Take Care of Artificial Grass In Winter? Find Out Now!

How to Take Care of Artificial Grass In Winter? Find Out Now!

The reason why artificial grass is a perfect choice for homeowners and businesses is that fake grass keeps itself fresh and green all around the year with minimal effort. Astroturf is resilient and can withstand severe temperature variations, be it extreme heatwave or extreme snow. Looking after artificial grass in winter is equally important. After spending the whole summer maintaining your lawn, winters also need the same care.

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Read the following simple tips on how you take care of fake grass in the winter.

Winter can be really freezing because of snow and ice, but there is no need to worry about maintenance if you have fake turf installed. Yes, it won’t need regular mowing or watering but it still needs to be cleaned and much more! Let’s dig in.

Clear Debris as Needed

At the end of fall, when winter sets in, the first thing is to remove the fallen leaves. To keep your artificial grass free from debris, make sure to give a quick brush after every few weeks. 

Check the Nails

Another tip for looking after artificial grass in winter; make sure to check the nails that secure your lawn. You can also add nails or reaffix them if needed. As the weather changes, it might affect nails or other materials used for securing the fake turf. 

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Allow Snow to Melt

One of the main tips of looking after artificial grass in winter is to let the snow melt naturally. You can pour warm water on fake grass for faster melting. To melt the snow using salt is not recommended at all. 

Shovel With Caution

To remove an excessive amount of snow, use a plastic shovel. Using a metal shovel to get rid of extreme snow is not recommended as it can damage your artificial turf fibres.