Get Rid of Artificial Moss Grass in Autumn

Get Rid of Artificial Moss Grass in Autumn

Maintaining Astroturf is far easier and less tiring as compared to real lawns. Artificial turf is known for its plentiful advantages. It saves you a lot of money in terms of zero water and electricity bills and gives a real lawn feel. But, in autumn, growing moss can be a real problem. In this article, we have written all the steps to get rid of artificial moss grass in autumn. Continue reading!

Artificial Moss Grass

In autumn, due to dampening conditions, artificial grass becomes a mountain for moss and mould. It can grow rapidly, if not treated on time. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. 

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Maintaining fake grass is easy but cannot be neglected. Cleaning your grass at least once in a month is always required. Certain conditions if not monitored properly can grow moss and mould.  

Tip # 01 Prepare the Area

Firstly, begin with treating artificial moss grass is preparing the area. The best time to do this is on a dry and sunny day. This step is very important as it removes all the conditions and elements that cause moss to grow. Remove all the debris using a plastic rake. 

Tip # 02 Cleaning/ Treatment

Next thing; do the cleaning. For this use a cleaning agent. It can be a commercial moss killer or homemade vinegar solution. Spray the solution on the affected area and that’s it. It will kill the moss without affecting the fibres.

Tip # 03 Scrubbing

This step is important because it requires the physical removal of moss or mould. Use a sponge for scrubbing after the complete sinking of the cleaning agent. Make sure the solution penetrates the backing layer with scrubbing.

Tip # 04 Rinse Down the Affected Area

For artificial moss grass removal, after scrubbing you need to rinse down all the dead moss. Sweep and collect it.

Tip # 05 Maintaining

Make sure to stick to a simple routine and do the above mentioned steps once every 2-3 weeks. This will keep your area free from debris and moss. 

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